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Kenora Online News
Kenora chamber needs your nominations
Chad GroppChad Gropp was last year's Business Entrepreneur / Owner / Manager Of The Year.

The Kenora District Chamber of Commerce is looking for nominations. They're once again gearing up for their business awards.

Anyone can nominate any business. You don't have to be a part of the chamber of commerce, and neither does the business you're nominating.

Individuals and companies are encouraged to nominate themselves, if they wish. A business can also be nominated for more than one award.

Nominations will now be accepted until January 7. You can hand in your filled-out nomination paper by any of the following means.

Mail: P. O. Box 471 Kenora, Ontario P9N 3X5
Fax: (807) 468-3056
Drop off: 101 Park Street, Kenora, ON

This year's categories include:

Business Improvement
This award honours a business, who has recently taken steps to improve their company’s image in some way.

Innovative Small Business
This award recognizes a business. It has introduced either a ground-breaking, original environmental product -- or service -- that sets the company apart from the others, or the business has demonstrated an advanced -- or new use -- of technology or environmental responsibility.

New Business (Under two years)
This award is presented to a company, or individual, who has been in business for less than two years, and it demonstrates creativity in the spirit of business development.

The recipient of this award would demonstrate their customer service, innovation and positive participation in our community encompassing quality business relations, economic development and business growth.

Customer Service Excellence - Staff up to 10
Customer Service Excellence - Staff over 10
These two awards will each recognize a local business, its management and staff, for successfully demonstrating quality customer service. They will each be an organization that is appreciated for its helpful and efficient service, dedicated to customer satisfaction and willing to go the extra mile.

Aboriginal Business
This award recognizes an outstanding aboriginal business for their success, exemplifying business leadership and the delivery of high-quality products and services. The recipient must also demonstrate a strong, long-term commitment to the community, particularly in supporting Indigenous employment.

Youth Entrepreneur
This award recognizes outstanding youth entrepreneurs (30 years of age and under).

Entrepreneur/Business Owner/Manager of the Year
An award will be presented to an outstanding business owner or manager, who in the last 12 months has developed their business to meet changing community and consumer demands. They will have provided a high level of business service, respectful treatment of employees as well as customers or clients and is actively involved in the community.

For more information:
Kenora District Chamber of Commerce -awards nomination form
Local businesses recognized

Push on for Festival of the Lights
ice cnadlesKenora residents are encouraged to buy as many ice candles as possible this year in hopes of reaching 10,000.

The push continues for ice candles in Kenora. The Lake of the Woods Museum is encouraging residents to buy the candles that light up the Lake of the Woods Cemetery on Christmas Eve. Museum director Lori Nelson explains why.

"This is the 100th commemorative year for the beginning of World War One. We wanted to end the year off by warming the graves of those that are buried in our local cemetery. So, we're encouraging people to make an ice candle, or buy an ice candle, and place it on the graves of our World War One veterans," she said.

Nelson says there are quite a few buried in the local cemetery.

"There are actually about 500 buried in our local cemetery. It's a significant number. We do need help, in order to get a candle at each one of them. So, we encourage people, as an act of Christmas and grace, to make that contribution this year," she said.

This is also the final year for parks supervisor Barb Manson. That's because she's retiring. Now, she has just one wish.

"I'd like to see 10,000 candles lit. Last year, a little boy came up to see me and he said, 'Are you the light lady?' and I said, 'Wel,l I help do this.' He goes, 'Well, I get to see my grandpa every Christmas, because of all the lights, and if you look at them they look like a bunch of angels.' So, if that doesn't get your heart going, I don't know what does. So, let's light up all those memories that are in there and have a wonderful Christmas," she said.

You can pick up an ice candle form at the cemetery office, the operations building, the Kenora Public Library, city hall, the Lake of the Woods Museum and Blue Heron. Ice candles are $8 for a pick-up, $10 for placement and lighting and $3 for a wax candle only. All forms must be submitted by December 5.

If you have any questions you can call the cemetery office at 467-2067.

For more information:
Time to order your ice candles
Festival of Lights tonight

Enviro Drum comes to Kenora for Sunday Smiles

Evergreen gymThe gym at Evergreen public school filled up with children and their parents yesterday for another Sunday Smiles.

The sounds of drums filled the gym at Evergreen Public School yesterday. The Sunday Smiles concert series showcased environmental percussion group called Enviro Drum.

The group uses garbage and recycle bins, while accompanied by a keyboard and vocalist to make music. The manager for Enviro Drum, Jeff Salem, told us more about the group.

"Enviro Drum is a percussion-based group, where we create percussive based music with recycleable items. We really adress two important issues. Obviously, the importance of recycling -- creating the awareness for the younger generation, and the older generation -- the importance of recycling metals, plastic and wood; but also, with a music flair to make it education and entertaining," he said.

Jeff SalemEnviro Drum manager Jeff Salem

EnviroDrum Website
Sunday Smiles Website

Trailer fire on Highway 17 near Dryden
fire Truck

Friday November 21, at 9 pm Dryden Fire and Police Services were dispatched to Hwy 17 and the Airport road intersection for a transport trailer on fire.

Fire crews arrived from both Dryden Fire Service halls and found a axel, brake wheel burning on a flat bed trailer, flames had reached the cargo load on the trailer, several truckers and motorists used portable fire extinguishers to knock down the main fire.

Dryden firefighters spent about thirty minutes on completing fire suppression and checking for fire extension under the trailer and in the cargo area. The transport driver was treated for minor burns to the hands by members on fire rescue apparatus.

The Dryden Police and Ontario Provincial Police closed traffic on Hwy 17 for about 20 minutes for fire suppression, and worked with the towing company to assist in removing the trailer from the scene.

Ken Kurz card

Concert for Charity at Beaver Brae High School
Gym Tables were full yesterday for the "Home Concert for Charity" at Beaver Brae Secondary school.

Students from Beaver Brae secondary school put on a concert last night to raise money for the homeless. Students from the choir group, soloists and Rock 'n Rollers all preformed on the Beaver Brae stage all to raise money for the "Making Kenora Home Foundation".

One of the organizers, Suzanne McIntosh told us more about the concert itself,

"This concert is called "Home" and every song that we're going to sing tonight has a theme about home or homelessness, and as a result we are giving the proceeds to "Making Kenora Home"

Suzanne McIntoshOrganizer Suzanne McIntosh is eager for next years concet, with a theme already selected.

McIntosh also told us how this is the first concert at Beaver Brae in over 5 years, and the first themed concert ever. She also told us she plans for more themed concerts in the future.

Beaver Brae Website

Eating chili for a good cause
Lake of the Woods Insurance 1Lake of the Woods Insurance is once again holding a fundraiser this time with the winter cold in mind instead of summer sun.

Those looking for some delicious home-made chili should head over to Lake of the Woods Insurance. They're hosting a special chili fundraiser next Tuesday.

Sharon Westra-Walls explains what's going on.

"On November 25th we are hosting a chili drive. We're raising money for the Kenora Rainy-River Alzheimer's Society. So you get a choice for $8. You get a chili or a vegetarian chili, a bun, a drink of choice and a chocolate bar," she said.

Westra-Walls spoke about the cost for the lunch.

"The cost is $8 and we have order forms that we'll be sending out to anyone who requests one. They're due back on Monday and we'll take them till about 5 o'clock. Then on Tuesday we'll deliver between about 11:30 and 1:30," she said.

All of the proceeds raised will go towards the Azlheimer's Society. To get an order form you can call Sharon at 807-467-8800 etx. 240, fax at 807-467-8801 or email

For more information:
SMB raises money for women's shelters
Alzheimer's Society holds workshop on wandering

Dryden's Theatre 17 looking for male actors.
Theatre 17Theatre 17 is holding auditions for "Office Hours" on December 3 and 4.

Auditions for Theatre 17's newest play are fast approaching. This year the theatre company will be putting on "Office Hours." Director, Judith Hamilton spoke more about the play itself.

"It's a Canadian play by Norm Foster who is perhaps best know for "The Melleville Boys." This one is six plays within a play. Although they seem to be unconnected, in actual fact there are connections in each one of them which culminate in the final play of the sixth," she said.

Hamilton said they are in desperate need of male actors.

"I think we'll probably have to double because our population tends to be the reverse, we could easily get 10 women and six men. We'll have to double on men I suspect. So if there are men out there who have a secret desire to get on stage and act this is the play for you," she said.

Hamilton spoke about what she loves so much about directing.

"There are so many. For one thing it's the excitement of watching people grow into their roles and find inner depths within themselves. Often people end up playing characters that they are not really like. Then people have to reach deep in themselves and find ways to make the person live," she said.

The auditions are on December 3 and 4 at 7 o'clock at the Centre. Hamilton said it's excellent practice because you will be able to see what it's like performing on the actual stage. The show will open in May.

For more information:
Theatre 17 in Dryden holds auditions
Theatre 17 presents Calendar Girls

TryLight's Frozen Dreams opens today
raymond - degagneLong-time actor Marc Raymond (right) makes his directorial debut with the fall production of Frozen Dreams. Fans will remember Raymond from his role in The Music Man with Scott DeGagne.

TryLight Theatre in Kenora is opening their fall production today. Frozen Dreams talks about a homeless boy, who is mentally-challenged, and he's trying to cook a frozen turkey for Christmas.

The production is directed by long-time actor Marc Raymond, and it runs through the end of the week.

will then run from November 24-29.

Tickets are available at the Box Office at 510 2nd St. S on Monday to Friday from 11-2. Tickets are $5 to $10 each. - See more at:
Tickets can be bought through the box office at the First Baptist Church, 510 Second Street South from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For more information:
Online Ticket Sales  
TryLight Production deals with homelessness

SMB gives floor curling a try
floor curlingSMB Grade 6 student Amelia Illman throws her rock down the gym floor.

Ecole Ste. Marguerite Bourgeoys students had fun curling yesterday. But they didn't travel to one of the local rinks, instead the rocks came to them.

They were testing out floor curling. Grade 6 students Amelia Illman spoke about what she thought about it the sport.

"I think it's pretty awesome because my mom is curler and I've watched her curl before and it look really fun," she said.

Teacher Linda Boivin explained why they wanted to test the equipment.

"I've looked at sports catalogues and I've seen this floor curling before and I thought it would be a great opportunity to pick up something. This gives us the opportunity to try it out and guide us through. I'm not a curler, I've seen it on TV but I'm not a curler So Chris Ranson from the Northern Ontario Curling Association is giving us the ins and outs and he's done it from Grade 2 right up until Grade 6 today," she said.

She said they are considering buying the equipment for SMB. However, it comes with a $500 price tag. So they wanted to test it out and see how the students enjoyed it before making the purchase. Illman was definitely excited to try out the equipment.

"It just seems so interesting when I saw it on TV and when I watch. It feels really cool to give it a go," she said.

Overall it looked like most of the students enjoyed the new sport. Chris Ranson also left two brooms for them to get started.

For more information:
Pope John Paul students try floor curling
Staff at SMB happy with new expansion

Raffle fundraiser for Chloe Poirier
Shannon BaileyShannon Bailey holds up one of the calendar tickets that shows which prizes will be drawn on a specific day.

Kenora residents have another opportunity to help out the Poirier family.  A group of friends has put together a December raffle draw to help raise money.

One of the organizers, Shannon Bailey, spoke about the draw.

"Well a group of friends have banned together and we've put together a fundraiser in the form of a raffle. With a suggested minimum donation of $10 per entry, people have a chance to win during the month of December a prize each day from the 31 home business," she said.

31 is a bag, tote and purse company. Bailey spoke more about the draw prizes.

"There's all different products available, totes, shopping bags, purses, overnight bags. 31's Lindsay Evans has been kind enough to donate her earnings through the party as well as all donations that are received through the tickets," she said.

Every day in December a new winner will be chosen. Unlike other draws your name will be put back into the draw so you can win more than once.

All of the money raised from ticket sales will go towards the Poirier family's costs. The family has had to go back and forth from Toronto to Kenora for the last two months. Their daughter Chloe has cancer and was undergoing radiation.

Tickets are $10 each and are available at Bareheart Kid's Boutique, FUNK Salon,. The Bijou Steak House and Century 21. You can also buy them through any of the following people, Lindsay Pike Evans, Shannon Creedon Bailey, Diane Findlay, Tracey Anne Benoit and Kristie Roussin.

For more information:
Community comes out to support Chloe
Fundraiser for Chloe Poirier tomorrow night

Special concert at Beaver Brae tonight
Casey WickhamCasey Wickham plays a solo, as he practices for Saturday's concert.

Beaver Brae is hosting a special concert today. It'll feature live music from choral groups, soloists and rock and rollers.

Proceeds will go towards Making Kenora Home, and the doors will open at 6:30 in the evening.

The concert starts at 7 o'clock, and tickets will be $10 for adults and $5 for students. A tax receipt will be issued for any donation over $20.

For more information:
Making Kenora Home

Schools wrap up anti-bullying week
bully pledgeValleyview students signed an anti-bullying pledge after reading the document earlier this week.

Anti-bullying week wrapped up yesterday across Ontario. Here in Kenora schools had numerous programs, assemblies and pledges to stop bullying.

Principal at King George the 6th, Lynn McAughey, spoke about some tips for parents to help stop bullying.

"Tip number one is to report. Tell you children to tell because when we tell adults they help us to manage conflict. You can sue our anonymous bullying portal which we have on our school website. My advice to parents is to know your principal and call if something happens. We love it when our parents use the same strategies at home as we do as school. That helps us reduce bullying," she said.

McAughey said speaking to a child about conflict and how to properly deal with it is important. She added that the most important thing is to monitor a child's activity online. Cyber-bullying has become one of the most prominent forms of bullying.

"Most of our kids know how to solve problems with words. That picture you see of a whole bunch of kids circled around one child is very rare. We deal more with indirect bullying," she said. 

bullying signaturesSt. Thomas Aquinas students signed an anti-bullying pledge on Monday.

McAughey offered a few more tips to stop children from being bullied or being the bully.

"I think we also need to help our kids to stand up for themselves, how to look out for themselves, how to keep an eye on your friends and how to use social media to their advantage. How to block people when they are inappropriate," she said.

At St. Thomas Aquinas students signed an anti-bullying pledge. OPP Constable Laurie Harkof gave a presentation to Beaver Brae classes on Tuesday. Over at Keewatin Public students were recognized all week for their acts of kindness and at Valleyview, they held an assembly for all their students on bullying.

BB bully assemblyBeaver Brae students listen to Constable Laurie Harkof speak about bullying.

For more information:
Beaver Brae and St. Thomas Aquinas students work to end bullying
KPDSB bullying report portal

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