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Kenora Online News
Randy Belair appointed President of Ontario's Family Health Teams
Randy BelairRandy Belair is the new president of the Association of the Family Health Teams of Ontario. (Courtesy Randy Belair)

Kenora's Randy Belair has been appointed the president of the Association of the Family Health Teams of Ontario. Belair is also the executive director of the Sunset Country Family Health Team.

He spoke about how it felt to get the position.

"I think it's fabulous for somebody from northern Ontario to be providing leadership to an organization, that represents 185 family health teams across Ontario," he said.

Belair got started with the Sunset Country Family Health Team back in 2007. He spoke about what he'd like to focus on moving forward.

"To expand access to inter-professional comprehensive family care teams for all Ontarians. Enhance value, which would include enhancing team capacity, to attract quality access and total cost of care," he said.

Belair also said he'd like to focus on enabling recruiting, to ensure family health teams have funding to get new professionals. He explains why the health teams are so important.

"Family care teams, including family health teams, serve over 200 communities across the province. There's approximately 3.5 million rostered patients. Since the inception of family health teams, we have enrolled almost 1 million Ontarians, who did not previously have a doctor," he said.

Belair will remain executive director of the Sunset Country Family Health Team. The Ontario association meets about four times a year.

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Voter turn out at roughly one quarter of eligible population
first voterMary Jane Duncan was the first voter at city hall for the 2014 municipal election.

Elections are in full swing and election headquarters have been busy in Kenora.

City clerk Heather Kasprick released the numbers at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon. By that time, 2,664 people had cast their vote. That represents roughly 23 per cent of the eligible population.

Kasprick is continuing to encourage everyone to vote with only three days left. She added that city hall is open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday to assist voters.

The polls close at 8 p.m. on Monday.

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Some Kenora residents experiencing problems with online voting
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Local residents react to Ottawa shootings
DC half mastThe flag at the Discovery Centre flies at half-mast in honour of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.

An outpouring of support for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo continues across Canada. In many communities flags are at half mast. Dryden Mayor Craig Nuttall spoke about his reaction to what happened in Ottawa on Wednesday.

"Well, you know, it's a disgrace that people lower themselves to do what they did in Ottawa. If you have a plan of doing things, don't do it in Canada, go over there and fight your battles. But what they did here was just a disgrace," he said.

Cpl. Cirillo was the second soldier killed this week. Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed earlier this week, when he and another soldier were intentionally run over.

In Kenora, Derek Laffin said, unfortunately, he expects events like to this continue.

Dryden half mastFlags in front of the Dryden Arena also fly at half-mast.

"It was kind of shocking, at first. When you think about it, Canada and the United States going to war against other countries. You're going to be looking at retaliation. With everything happening with ISIS and that, they've got people all over the world. They're fighting for a cause. So, when it comes right down to it, I think we better be ready for a lot more of this to happen," he said.

Back in Dryden, Linda Spalding believes Canada needs to deal with the people here in the country, before going abroad.

"That's what we need to do in this country. We have to take care of those people, who are being bad to us. They have to be gone," she said.

Overall, many people were shocked by what happened at the Canadian War Memorial on Wednesday.

For more information:
Rickford talks reaction to yesterday's shootings
PM Stephen Harper addresses the nation

Final phases of Second Street construction
Construction manholeA construction worker in a manhole on Second Street.

Second Street is beginning to take shape.

Crews have begun paving the middle section, between Matheson St. and the movie theatre.

Consrtuction pavingCrews have begun paving the middle section of Second Street.

Curbs are also being poured and shaped along the final stretch in front of the Lake of the Woods Brew Co.

While the project was originally supposed to finish up mid-October, crews are now aiming for early November.

construction crewsWorkers have fun smiling for the camera while the shape a curb.

construction sidewalkA worker fills moulds to create a curb in front of the Lake of the Woods Brew Co.

For more information:
Second Street construction update
End in sight for Second St. construction

Small business owners in Kenora celebrate
small business socialSmall business owners mingle at last night's social gathering.

Small business owners gathered at the Lake of the Woods Brew Company last night. Drinks and food were served in an evening of socializing. It was all part of BDC's Small Business Week.

Bev Green from the Business Development Bank of Canada spoke more about the week.

"This week is the 35th year that BDC has been promoting Small Business Week in Canada. It's an opportunity to celebrate what small business does for our country and give back to those people a little bit of what they do for us," she said.

Green said small businesses make up a majority of Canada's employer base. She said last night's event was supposed to be a relaxed evening of socializing.

"We've done several different venues over the years. This one seems to bring together the most people in a very relaxed atmosphere. There are actually 14 hosts that have put on this event. They mingle and they meet people," she said.

Green said the owners deserved a small break, after dealing with all the ups and downs of the Kenora economy.

"The businesses in Kenora are enthusiastic. They are determined. The setbacks over the years have only made them more determined to be successful, go forward and re-invent themselves. The businesses in Kenora are very good at adapting and making it work," she said.

She added that the gathering was also a time for business owners to make connections who might help further their business.

For more information:
Owners celebrate Small Business Week across Canada
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Gould's celebrates 50th anniversary
Goulds 50 twoMayor Craig Nuttall speaks at the 50th anniversary celebration for Gould's BrandSource.

Gould's BrandSource is celebrating their 50th anniversary in Dryden. Jeff Gould spoke about how it felt to reach 50 years.

"Absolutely amazing to think back on when my mom and dad bought the store back in 1964, and how far it's come since then. I have to give thanks to -- number one -- our staff. We have excellent staff. Also, to our customers, generations of customers who have supported us in Dryden. We are very, very fortunate," he said.

Gould said the secret to surviving for 50 years is service. He said they must go above and beyond what people expect so that everyone keeps coming back.

He also spoke about one of the more memorable deliveries he was a part of.

"One comes to mind, and it was back in the 60s. There was a gentleman, who lived out of town, and we went to deliver a freezer. He wanted it put in his basement, but it wouldn't go down the stairs. He said 'Just a minute' and all of a sudden he came back inside with a chainsaw. He cut a hole in the middle of his floor. We lowered the freezer down, and he patched the floor back up. I still shake my head about that one," he said.

Gould said the company will continue in their current course, with his son Jamie taking over the store as general manager. Jamie is the third generation to run the business.

Gould's 50Employees of Gould's BrandSource celebrate their 50th anniversary.

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Rickford talks about shootings in Ottawa
rickford - july 2014Kenora MP Greg Rickford spoke about their commitment on Parliament Hill today to move forward from the shootings.

Kenora MP Greg Rickford is thankful to report that all his staff are okay, after yesterday's shootings on Parliament Hill. Rickford spoke about what happened.

"My office is on the most easterly corner of Parliament Hill in the East Block. Our office was at the epicentre of it. So, my staff spent the entire day -- and well into the evening -- in one of my centre offices, which has no window exposure and the lights turned off. They were completely and literally in the dark, as to what was going on," he said.

Fortunately, his staff were eventually released, with no harm coming to any of them.

Rickford said he joins the rest of Canada in mourning the loss of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. However, he said the most important thing they could do today was continue on with the affairs of the nation to show the terrorists that they would not be intimidated.

"We feel very strongly that today the most important thing we could do was walk into the House of Commons and continue on with the affairs of the nation. This is what brave men and women have done over the course of time, for us to have this opportunity. It was very moving this morning, to be in there with my colleagues, no matter their political persuasion," he said.

Rickford said obviously this will change the way security is run on Parliament Hill.

"There is no question that we all have questions about his ability to access the Centre Block. Considerations will be made for the additional kinds of security measures that need to be made. Today there is obviously heightened security. However, I have moved back and forth across the Hill today without incident and we're very proud of our security team," he said.

Overall, Rickford emphasized that this will not change the way Canada is committed to moving forward against terrorism.

For more information:
PM Stephen Harper addresses the nation
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Some Kenora residents experiencing problems with online voting
voter pollsThe city has set up telephone and computer stations at city hall for people who need help voting.

Voters in Kenora may be experiencing some problems if they are trying to vote online.

According to city clerk Heather Kasprick some computers or web browsers may not be compatible with the host server. Those computers will receive an error message.

Compatible operating systems include, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8. Compatible web browsers include, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher (only for Windows), Mozilla Firefox latest version (only for Windows), Safari 6 or higher (Mac OS X 10.8) and Google Chrome latest version (Windows and Mac OS X 10.8).

Kasprick said if the message occurs they can try to update their web browser. You can find links to update your browser at the city's website. However, if it persists it may be a problem with the operating system. In that case voters can either vote by telephone or another computer.

Kasprick is also reminding residents that computers are available in the council chambers at city hall until Monday, when the polls close at 8 in the evening.

For more information:
City of Kenora -voting troubleshooting
2014 Kenora municipal election candidates list

Final week of hearings for AFN human rights case against federal government
Cindy BlackstockDr. Cindy Blackstock is the director of the Caring Society and spoke in Sioux Lookout a few months ago.

This week is the final week of hearings for the Assembly of First Nations human rights complaint against the Federal Government for discrimination in First Nations child and family services.

Elder Howard Copenace, Sr., is in Ottawa attending the trials. He said yesterday they heard from the complainants despite the shooting downtown. He spoke about what they've heard so far.

"At this time there seems to be a lot of things that have been neglected in regards to providing care for First Nations children and families. There seems to be a lot of things that are not done right in regards to financial resources to provide services, care and prevention," he said.

Copenace said they continued with the trial while under lockdown. Today the court will hear the arguments from the Attorney General. Copenace spoke about finally having their case heard before the court.

"It's been a long time coming and hopefully things will turn out in a good way for our children and families because we really need to take care of them," he said.

The AFN and Caring Society launched the human rights complaint because they felt the Federal Government was not addressing the under-funding of First Nations child and family services on-reserve.

The joint complaint states that the Government of Canada has provided unequal funding for child welfare services for First Nations children on reserves compared to non-Aboriginal children. They argue this has been a longstanding issue and is resulting in inequitable services.

For more information:
Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority AGM this Wednesday
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Dryden Kinsmen accepting registration for Santa Claus Parade
kenora - santa parade - 12Santa Claus is coming to Dryden sooner than you think.

The Kinsmen Club of Dryden is proud to announce that the annual Dryden Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade will run December 5.

The parade will begin at 6:30 at night and travel along the traditional parade route.  

The theme for this year's parade is 'A Super Hero Christmas'.  

You can register by calling Ryan Graham at 221-7078 or by email at

For more information:
Kenora's Santa Claus Parade
Kenora Kinsmen prepare for parade

First Nations students feeling more of a sense of belonging, KCDSB
kcdsb sept 16KCDSB trustees discussed the success of the leadership program at St. Thomas Aquinas at their monthly board meeting.

The Kenora Catholic District School Board is happy with their efforts in making First Nation students feel more at home in their schools.

Mary Cunningham says they began looking into the issue, after receiving results from a student survey.

"One of the things that we found was there were certain groups within our school community, that were not feeling as much of a sense of belonging as others. We did some targeted activities and events, and we even tried to get our teachers to be looking at things, within their classrooms, that would improve that," she said.

Cunningham said the programs have been a huge success.

"When we first did the survey, there was a blip in the sense of belonging. So, at the high school, one of the things they decided to do was create a leadership group. In the next survey, we found that our First Nation students were reporting a much improved sense of belonging. In fact, they were higher than our total population," she said.

Cunningham said the leadership program has been a driving force of the success. Sydney Flett, a student at T.A., came up with the idea, after she heard about it at the Minister's Student Advisory Committee.

"They have a mentorship program, where they reach out to other students and mentor them, especially kids coming into the school for the first time. It's been really awesome, actually, and one of our students is now on the Minister's Student Advisory Committee. It came from that. She came forward, when she heard about that idea and got some support from peers and staff," said Cunningham.

Sydney Flett was one of 60 chosen for the committtee out of 600 applicants for the advisory council. Overall, Cunningham says the school board is very happy with the success of various programs making First Nations students feel more at home.

For more information:
TA student chosen for Minister's Student Advisory Committee
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Whitefish Bay member talks about yesterday's shootings in Ottawa
Parliament fullAn attack took place yesterday on Parliament Hill.

Much of Canada is still in shock after a shooting yesterday in Ottawa. A soldier was shot dead at the War Memorial before more shooting erupted on Parliament Hill.

Elder Howard Copenace, Sr., of Whitefish Bay First Nation was in a court house on Elgin street in downtown Ottawa yesterday. He was attending the hearings at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal related to funding for aboriginal child welfare agencies, and he described what happened.

"The tribunal started, and then a few minutes later there was an announcement made that there was a shooting at the Hill, that one of the guards was shot," he said. "They then informed us that the building was going to be on lock down."

Copenace spoke about being on lockdown at the court house.

"I think we were there for two or three hours. People were kind of concerned, because they wanted to continue with the tribunal. They locked us in there 'til about 12:30. That's when I left and came out, and I started taking photos and videos, because the Hill is only about two to three blocks from our hotel," he said.

Copenace said people in the court house were shocked, after they learned what had actually happened.

"People were just numb, once they clearly understood what was happening," he said.

For more information:
Parliament Hill on lockdown after shooting on Parliament Hill

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