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Wednesday Collection
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More green garbage and recycling bins for Kenora
Mukesh PokharelSolid Waste Supervisor Mukesh Pokharel stand in front of the waste transfer station in Kenora.

Kenora's waste and recycling department is getting greener. Eighteen new Big Belly garbage and recycling bins will be placed throughout the city over the next few weeks.

Solid Waste Supervisor Mukesh Pokharel explains how the bins work.

"Once it is full there is a sensor that triggers a compaction cycle. The garbage or recycling is then compacted so it can fit more garbage. Then once it is completely full it will send an email to us," he said.

Having a self-compacting garbage can means more garbage can fit in one bin. Pokharel explains how else the bins will save time and the environment.

"You don't have to go everyday to see if the Big Belly is full. Once you get the information someone will go from here. So that saves time and you don't have to drive that frequently so that saves greenhouse gases," he said.

The bins are also completely solar powered.

Right now the city has 50 in operation throughout the downtown. The additional bins will bring the count to 68, exactly 34 garbage bins and 34 recycling bins. Pokharel thinks the Big Bellies were a great investment.

"It's super easy for us. They can hold so much more garbage too so you don't see litter everywhere. That adds aesthetic beauty because it keeps the city clean," he said.

For more information:
Painted dumpsters almost ready
Kenora's household hazardous waste day

Short parade planned Friday for the Cup
richards - june 14 (fan page)Mike Richards celebrates the L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup victory last month. (Courtesy L.A. Kings)

The city has planned a short parade Friday afternoon, to mark the return of the Stanley Cup. It'll start at 3:30 p.m. on Bernier Drive and make its way along the greenbelt to Husky the Muskie.

Fans should stand along Bernier Drive, if they'd like to see Mike Richards with the trophy. Pictures with the Cup will not be available.

Thousands attended the celebration two years ago, when he brought the Stanley Cup back to Kenora. An honour guard of minor hockey league players lined the docks, as he came ashore to share the moment with the community.

The Kings defeated the New York Rangers in this year's finals. It's their second win in three years.

For more information:
2012 celebration:
Mike Richards photo gallery (2012)

Principal architect talks new school in Sioux Lookout
Ian HillPrincipal architect, Ian Hill, will be designing the new high school. (PHOTO COURTESY IAN HILL)

Work begins right away for Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture Inc. The architecture company was hired by the Keewatin Patricia District School Board to build the new high school, which will replace Queen Elizabeth High School. Lead architect for the project, Ian Hill, says they are excited.

"We're elated to be a part of the project. Sioux Lookout is filled with opportunity and we're happy to be a part of their new secondary school. It's an open sheet right now for the board and for an architect to be right at the very first steps, assisting them with their program and the design of the school, these are opportunities architects dream for," he said.

Hill said they will sit down with the school board this fall to go over more concrete plans for the new school. However, he said the next big step is picking a building site.

"The next step really is the site. It's a big part of the project and we have to get through some site studies, site analysis and testing out areas that are being contemplated by the board. Then the real important process is to sit down with all the stakeholders all the people that will be involved with the school and begin to meet and listen. We'll talk about what everybody has thought of for their ambition for the school," he said.

Hill said the firm has lots of experience designing colleges and health centres in the north that will directly translate to this project. While they haven't sat down to plan yet, Hill listed some of the requirements for the new high school.

"Technology is changing today and the shop program is always a moving and changing technology. So, we like to share with our clients those things that are coming around the corner that we see. The whole aspect of media and the radio program. That is a component of this project so I'm excited to start to talk to them about the media lab," he said.

Hill said overall the project will take about three years. Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture Inc. was chosen as the architecture firm in a special board meeting on Monday.

For more information:
Architecture contract awarded for school in Sioux Lookout
KPDSB ready for move into Seven Generations

First Nation salaries not posted yet
fnfta - july 30First Nations obliged to report salaries and expenses under new federal legislation.

The new First Nations Transparency Act is requiring communities to post salaries and expenses for band council members. However, the information is not yet posted for  many First Nations in the Treaty 3 area.

Audit reports for previous are already posted, in many cases. While they reflect the general financial health of the community, they don't provide detailed information on salaries and expenses.

According to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, the Act requires that each First Nation make their audited consolidated financial statements and a Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses available to their members as well as publish it on a website. Examples of information disclosed in the Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses to the financial statements include:

-the salaries,
- wages,
- commissions,
- bonuses,
- fees,
- honoraria,
- dividends and
- any other monetary or non monetary benefit that chiefs or councillors are receiving.

The expenses of First Nation leadership are to include:

- transportation,
- accommodation,
- meals,
- hospitality and incidental expenses.

The new legislation means chiefs and councillors are also required to disclose remuneration paid to them by any entities which, according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, are to be consolidated with the First Nation.

The Act also requires that each First Nation make their audited consolidated financial statements and a Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses available to their members as well as publish it on a website.

Under the legislation, statements must be published online 120 days following the end of a First Nations’ financial year.

For more information:
First Nations Financial Transparency Act
Frequently Asked Questions
Find your First Nation (interactive map)
Search by name
Anishinabe of Wauzhushk Onigum (Rat Portage)
Wabaseemoong (Whitedog)
Grassy Narrows
Shoal Lake #39 (Iskatewizaagegan #39)
Naotkamegwanning (Whitefish Bay)
Eagle Lake
Lac Seul

Science North camps a hit with children
Egg drop kidsThe 6 to 8 year old children stand with their egg-dropping inventions at the Science North Summer Camp.

There was plenty of robots, static electricity and egg dropping at Evergreen Public School yesterday. That's because the Science North Summer Camp has returned for another year.

Children between the ages of 4 and 11 are learning about various areas of science. In the classroom for kids ages 6 to 8, they're building contraptions to keep an egg from cracking, when it's dropped from high up. Six-year-old Andrew Pyke explains.

"I'll tell you my plan. I'm gonna put the egg inside. Throw it up. Oh, I put a whole bunch of cotton balls inside. So, it might have a safe landing," he said.

Fellow classmate, Jason Debbo, spoke about his invention.

"I put a bunch of cotton balls in here and got some tape, put the cups around and then got some string and taped it onto all the (parachutes)," he said.

Over in the ages 4 to 6 classroom, they were learning about static electricity by rubbing balloons to their head, and then seeing what surfaces they'd stick to. In the ages 9 to 11 classroom, they were battling robots they had built earlier in the day.

Robots battleEveryone readies their robots for battle at the camp at Evergreen.

Jason Debbo explains a modification they made to their robot after careful observation.

"We wanted to make wheels at the back because one group that didn't have wheels was tipping a lot. So we made it so ours wouldn't tip over," he said.

After the initial construction, the groups battled their robots in a small ring. Whoever's robot could knock the other robot out of the ring first was claimed the winner.

Overall, everyone seemed to be having a great time all while learning about science.

Jason Debbo and Cadham McEwenJason Debbo, left, and Cadham McEwen, right, hold up the robot they made.

For more information:
Science North opens registration for summer camps
Science North - summer camp

KPDSB ready for move into Seven Generations
Seven GenerationsKPDSB will be moving into Seven Generations beginning August 15.

There's just two weeks left until the Keewatin Patricia District School Board moves into their new office space.

The school board's headquarters in Kenora will be moving into the Seven Generations Education Institute at the former Lakewood Public School. Director of Education, Sean Monteith, says everything is on schedule.

"The timing for the relocation of the Kenora Education Centre is scheduled to take place the week of August 15. We have met with the contractor as well as the Seven Generations folks last week at a site meeting and we are on schedule. The intent is to have our office staff move before the start of the school year so the transition is as seamless as possible," he said.

The cost of leasing the space at the former Lakewood Public School is around $1.8 million dollars over a ten year period. The board decided in the long term, it would be cheaper to rent than renovate their old location. Monteith says they've been in contact with Seven Generations throughout the summer.

"We've been there several times throughout the summer. We've had our facility staff working with the Seven Generations staff and so communication has been consistent and ongoing. The KPDSB has a number of significant capital projects this summer. So the relocation is just one, but a very important one," he said.

Monteith also spoke about the board's relationship with Seven Generations.

"The relocation of the board office is only one aspect of the partnership. Recently we held a graduation with Seven Generations that supports adult education. We have several arrangements in Dryden, Red Lake and Sioux Lookout. So the partnership is on a number of levels and this is just one more aspect of it," he said.

For more information:
KPDSB moves ahead with Seven Generations lease
KPDSB to implement FASD program

An update on downtown construction
second street - july 30Construction along Second Street is replacing century-old pipes, as part of the contract.

If you haven't been downtown in Kenora for a while, well, things have changed a bit. Phase III of Downtown Revitalization has been underway for close to two months now.

Fortunately, Carlos Cantera is supervising the project, and he offered us an update.

"Basically, this first stage is almost done, except for the bricks. Once the bricks are in and the ashphalt's in this stage one's complete," he said.

Cantera says the second part - between Matheson and Chipman - should be done in under a month

"The sewer and water's complete from Chipman to Matheson. All we need to do is finish the curb and the sidewalk. From Chipman east, we need new sewer and water," he added.

The third and final section, up to Park Street, is expected to be done by mid-October.


For more information:
Big Spruce II - July 24th update

Architecture contract awarded for high school in Sioux Lookout
KPDSBmeetingThe KPDSB held a special board meeting yesterday to award an architecture contract for the new school in Sioux Lookout.

The Keewatin Patricia District School Board has awarded the architecture contract for the new high school in Sioux Lookout.  Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture Inc. from North Bay, will be taking on the project.

"Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture is extremely pleased to have been selected as the architectural firm for the new secondary school in Sioux Lookout. We have been fortunate to have provided school designs throughout all of Northern Ontario for over 40 years at a time when the school program, teaching methods, and a better understanding of students’ needs have quickly evolved. We are very excited to begin and on behalf of our firm I thank the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board for the opportunity to be a part of the education vision for Sioux Lookout and the surrounding communities," said Ian Hill, Principal Architect of Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Inc.

The board received 13 proposals from various companies across Canada. An evaluation committee, composed of administrative, facilities and academic staff, selected a short list of proposals and in a special school board meeting yesterday the decision was made.

"I'm extremely pleased that the process has begun for our new secondary school in Sioux Lookout, and I am eagerly looking forward to our next steps," said Bob O’Donohue, Sioux Lookout area trustee.

The site will be separate from the existing building. Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture Inc. has extensive experience in working with school boards and is familiar with northwestern Ontario, having built schools for both the Rainy River District School Board and Superior Greenstone District School Board. References from both school districts were very positive, following their work with the firm.

"With the approval of Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture as the architects for the new high school in Sioux Lookout, our dream of providing a new beginning for our students and their futures, has become reality. A new era has begun, and with it, the aspirations of so many. The KPDSB is beaming with pride," said Sean Monteith, director of education.

For more information:
KPDSB moves ahead with Seven Generations lease
KPDSB to implement FASD programs

Copper wire stolen from Dryden's Hydro One station
Hydro OneDryden OPP are investigating a theft at the Hydro One station.

A large amount of copper wire was stolen from a Hydro One station in Dryden.

OPP are investigating the theft which took place at the station on Richan Road 2 km north of Dryden. The copper wire and several other items were taken sometime between Sunday and Monday.

The investigation is being conducted by uniform officers and crime unit members in Dryden, with the assistance of the OPP North West Region Support Team.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Dryden OPP at 807-937-5577 or Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

For more information:
Dryden OPP investigating boat motor thefts
Narrow escape from car explosion on Hwy. 11

Meegwun Fairbrother sightings reported
fairbrother - meegwunBeaver Brae alumni and Grassy Narrows member in performance at the NAC. (Courtesy National Arts Centre)

Actor Meegwun Fairbrother was back home for a visit. The Grassy Narrows member was the student president at Beaver Brae, before studying acting at York University.

On stage, he has performed at the National Arts Centre, as well as the Blyth Festival. He's also done film and TV. Science fiction fans may also know him for his role on Helix.

Fairbrother has also been an associate artist at Red Sky Theatre, where his bio read as follows:

Theatre credits include: Vimy, Blyth Festival; The Hobbit, Grand Theatre; The Great Mountain, Red Sky (North American Tour); Spirit Horse, Roseneath Theatre; One Pure Longing, Luminato; Beyond Eden, Theatre Calgary and Playhouse Theatre Company, (part of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics); The Bewitched, Theatre at York, Pimooteewin (The Journey), a Cree language opera, Ontario Tour; Isitwendam, Factory Theatre; Creon, Stone Circle/Summerworks Festival. Meegwun played the lead in the independent feature film Moonhair, a lead in a APTN's pilot, Time Traveler, and featured in Triptych, a six-part series for Bravo!, and Brendan Fraser's thriller film Split Decision that was shot in Sault St. Marie, Ontario.

Recently, he played Burgundy in King Lear, as part of an all-Aboriginal cast for the National Arts Centre, and was on the North American tour of Red Sky's The Great Mountain. (Dora Mavor Moore nomination for Outstanding Performance).

In addition, Meegwun continues to work on his ceremonial response creation to Stephen Harper's apology for Canada's Indian Residential School System, Isitwendam.

For more information:
Grassy's Meegwun Fairbrother nominated
Fairbrother to make NAC debut

Pellet gun linked to vandalism at dealership
pellet - 2 july 29Police are looking for vandals using a pellet gun, after vehicles damaged on Lakeview.

Kenora police are looking into vandalism at a car dealership. It involved the use of a pellet gun, and four vehicles were damaged.

Anybody with information is asked to contact the OPP at 548-5534 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. You can also send anonymous tips by text message.

A truck in the city's north end was also shot at by a pellet gun last week.

For more information:
Crime Stoppers Northwestern Ontario and Minnesota

KidZone back for Harbourfest 2014
kidzone 2013Two children go face to face in the gladiator joust during last year's KidZone.

Harbourfest is gearing up with only three days left until the big opening night. While many adults are looking forward to the event, there's also plenty of activities for children happening during the day at KidZone. Organizer Elisa Ronnebeck explains what kind of things they'll have for the kids.  

"We've got a couple inflatable companies coming. So, we've got bouncy castles, slides. We have laser tag, gladiator joust, duck pond, lots of games for prizes, face painting and more," she said.

KidZone runs both Saturday and Sunday from 11 in the morning until 5 in the evening. Ronnebeck encourages everyone to come check it out.

"It's a really fun time. I've been doing it for years and going to it as a kid. It's a great weekend to come out, there's lot of stuff going on. There's lots of stuff to look at for parents and there's tons of stuff for kids. We make it as fun as we can. It's just a really enjoyable time," she said.

Harbourfest kicks off on Friday night with The Brothers Landreth, Doc Walker and Dallas Smith. Other events that weekend include, the wooden boat parade, the classic car show, performances from Typhoon Tommy Nuttall, a petting zoo and pony rides.

For more information:
The Sheepdogs Sam Corbett talks rise to fame
Harbourfest 2014

Canoe taking shape at Seven Generations
CanoeVolunteers help put together a birch bark canoe at Seven Generations.

Things are taking shape at Seven Generations.

Members of the community have volunteered their time to put together a 16 foot birch bark canoe. Leader of the build, Darren Lentz, explains how everything started.

"Well one of the biggest parts of the process is going out and collecting all the materials and having the knowledge to collect all those. You also have to harvest them appropriately and ethically. There's also teachings that go behind the harvesting of those materials. Once you have all the bark you have to prepare the building site, lay out the bark and then the process goes fairly quickly," he said.

Now volunteers are hard at working, sawing, sewing and tying on the lashings to keep the birch bark attached to the ribs of the boat. Lentz explains why building a canoe the original way is different from the way it's manufactured today.

"The unique thing about a birch bark boat is it's built completely opposite of every other canoe. Every other canoe starts with the ribs first and then you put the skin on last. With a bark canoe, the way canoes were originally built, you start with the skins first and put the ribs on last. So, we'll be adding cedar sheathing and ribs to this canoe to round it out so it won't be a flat bottom boat," he said.

The official launch date for the canoe is this Friday. Organizer of the entire event, Dennise Pemmican, invited everyone to come on out for the celebration.

"We're hoping to launch it on Friday August 1. We'll have a put luck feast for everybody in the community who wants to come out. We're lucky that not only has Seven Generations allowed us to use this area, but also the have a training program and their who are learning to be line-cooks will help us cook the feast," she said

Pemmican said she decided to build the canoe to bring her more in touch with her culture and history. She said her grandfather also used to build canoes from scratch. Anyone is invited to come out and help build over the next few days. No prior experience is necessary.

For more information:
Community invited to help build birch bark canoe
Proud Canadian crosses the country for youth centre

Narrow escape from car explosion on Hwy. 11
Police back dayOPP are investigating a collision that involved a car explosion last Friday.

Rainy River OPP are investigating a serious collision on Hwy. 11, about 10 km west of the Atikokan turn-off.

An eastbound vehicle driven by a 49-year-old male from Ft. Frances crossed the center line and struck a westbound vehicle, which was occupied by two females from Atikokan. The collision resulted in one vehicle partially blocking the highway, and the other rolled down the embankment into the ditch, where it caught fire. All parties were injured in the collision.

The driver of the vehicle in the ditch pulled herself free and assisted the other occupant from the burning vehicle. Three men from Thunder Bay assisted the women up to the road, just moments before the vehicle exploded. The young men from Thunder Bay then assisted the other injured party from his vehicle.

Both drivers were airlifted to Thunder Bay with serious injuries.

Examination of the scene was completed by an OPP supervisor and a scenes of crime officer.

For more information:
Police investigate suspicious death
Dryden OPP investigating boat motor thefts

Lock it or lose it, Kenora OPP
Police side wheelKenora police are reminding residents to lock their vehicles to prevent thefts.

Kenora OPP are reminding residents to lock it or lose it.

Over the weekend, the police received a number of reports of thefts from vehicles in Sioux Narrows. Police were told a number of unlocked vehicles were entered, and various items were stolen.

The OPP are encouraging residents to lock all doors, keep valuables out of sight and roll up the windows.

For more information:
Dryden OPP investigating boat motor thefts
Kenora OPP make on arrest, investigate two more break and enters

Firefighters called to propane leak at Walmart
brinkman - warren july 28Kenora's fire chief, Warren Brinkman, illustrates safety tips with propane tanks.

Residents are reminded to be careful with propane. Kenora fire chief Warren Brinkman describes a call they got late last week.

"We attended to a call at Walmart, where there was a report of propane leaking. The crews, when they arrived, discovered the propane tank that was being transported -- fairly significant tank, 100 lb. propane tank, I believe -- was laying down horizontally in the bed of the half-ton," he said.

The call came in shortly before 8 o'clock Thursday evening. Fortunately, no injuries or damage resulted.

Still, the fire chief offered some important safety tips, for those transporting propane tanks.

"If you're, for example, transporting these little 20-pound tanks that go to barbecues and so on, that you transport it in a vertical position, but also in a ventilated area," he continued.

The fire chief emphasizes tanks should be secured in the vertical (upright) position, during transport.

For those using the tanks for a barbecue, Brinkman adds there's a simple test to ensure the connection is tight, and there are no leaks. Residents can use soap and water, to see if the gas is leaking out of the joint. If the soapy water bubbles, then there's a leak in the connection, the fire chief said, noting they have responded to fire calls caused by a leaking tank.

For more information:
Barbecue Safety
Propane Safety

Police investigate 'suspicious death'

Police have not yet released the name of the deceased. Treaty 3 are working with the OPP, following a suspicious death at Northwest Angle 33 Friday.

The community of about 500 -- including roughly 200 on-reserve members -- is located about an hour south of Kenora off of Hwy. 71 on Lake of the Woods.

The Criminal Investigations Branch of the OPP is working with Treaty 3 Police Service on the case.

For more information:
OPP release details of death at Wash Bay
Police investigate sudden death at Onigaming
Teens to be sentenced for murder

Rally for Grassy Narrows at Queen's Park this week
grassy 4Grassy Narrows leaders join rally at Queen's Park this week, as part of River Run 2014.

Supporters of Grassy Narrows First Nation are holding a rally at Queen's Park this week. The River Run 2014 agenda for this year will include Stephen Lewis and Judy Da Silva.

A press conference held this morning included comments from Regional Chief Stan Beardy of the Chiefs of Ontario, along with Treaty 3 Grand Chief Warren White and First Nation Chief Roger Fobister. The speakers focused on help for the victims of mercury contamination.

Speakers said the province hadn't done enough to convey the results of a 2010 study on the impact of mercury on the community of Grassy Narrows. Scott Cavan from the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs says the results were released to the Mercury Disability Board, which included members of the community.

Members of the community have made news recently through legal battles at the Supreme Court. Earlier this month, the court said the province did have the right to issue logging permits, but with conditions.

Later this year, justices at the Supreme Court will also be taking a look at jury rolls in the district. A Grassy Narrows member has appealed his conviction, saying there weren't enough First Nation members on the jury.

The River Run rally has been held for the past eight years. At this morning's press conference, the chiefs were also joined by former deputy chief Steve Fobister, Sr., who said he had started a hunger strike.

This year's event is set to conclude on Thursday.

For more information:
River Run 2014 - Agenda
Jury roll issue still not resolved in northwest
Lawyer for Grassy 'heartened' by parts of Supreme Court ruling
Grassy wants to manage forest
Grassy Narrows and Islington Indian Bands Mercury Pollution Claims Settlement Act 
Mercury Disability Board

Husbands, Sons and Sweethearts opens this Friday at museum
WWIThe exhibit Husbands, Sons and Sweethearts will feature local stories of World War I. It opens on Friday. (PHOTO COURTESY LAKE OF THE WOODS MUSEUM)

It was supposed to be the war that ends all wars. Thousands of Kenora residents enlisted in World War I to bring peace back to the continents. However, after days, months and even years for some, many came home an empty shell, while others never came home at all. Now the Lake of the Woods Museum is telling their story.

"In 1914 over 12,000 men and women from this area, the Kenora district, enlisted to serve King and Country in the war to end all wars. Of course many of them were physically and mentally scarred. They had memories of losing comrades and friends and our exhibit is really their story," said museum community coordinator, Lynn Riddell.

Riddell said the collection has finally come together after months of hard work from many community groups.

"Ancestor Seekers of Kenora came on board as did the Kenora Public Library to work with us to do the research of the stories of all of the individuals. So we are going to have stories of the nursing sisters, people who were part of the infantry battalions, men who were in the Canadian Forestry Core. I think it's going to be a really impactful exhibit," she said.

While many museum exhibits provide a very in depth look at the World Wars, this exhibit will have more of a personal touch.

"I think people will recognize family members, neighbours, friends or great grandparents who served in World War I," she said.

The exhibit opens this Friday. However, the grand opening ceremony will be next Monday, August 4 exactly 100 years since the beginning of World War I. There will be a special ceremony at Memorial Park starting at 1:30. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For more information:
The Great War Project
Lake of the Woods Museum

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