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Kenora Online News
Tim Fullmer running for Kenora City Council
Tim FullmerTim Fullmer is running for election in Kenora.

There just a little over a month until the municipal elections. In Kenora, Tim Fullmer is running for a spot on council.

He spoke about his experience and how that would help him if elected.

"Ive done several jobs through my time period. I have experience working on road construction, so I know enough about that to know when someone is getting the wool pulled over their eyes. I've dealt with getting funding for community development. I have experience sitting on boards. I know sometimes you have difference of opinions and you have to look at everyone's opinion and come together to find the most positive solution," he said.

Fullmer also spoke about some of the things he would like to focus on if elected.

"I know that some of the main issues are infrastructure. We also need to enhance to community with employment for our young people to come back to. I have several good ideas that I think could be put into place for that. The homeless people and affordable housing also need to be looked at," he said.

Fullmer said he's experience working with youth will help him to generate ideas on how to attract younger people to the community.

The election is on Saturday, October 27th.

For more information:
Canfield talks about re-election
Smith announces she's seeking re-election

MNR firefighter talks deployment to BC
Fire crewsBeth Pernsky, far left, was sent to British Columbia for two weeks to help fight forest fires.

MNR Firefighters have returned home from the assignments in British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Beth Pernsky was one of the many firefighters sent to BC.

She spoke about the experience.

"We just went through our normal fire operations working right on the hoseline. A lot of interaction with British Columbia, it was a great experience," she said.

Pernsky also spoke about who she traveled with.

"Usually we go as a 20 pack of people. So, that means a couple crews from Kenora and then a couple crews from Dryden or Sioux Lookout. They usually compile people together to work as a 20 pack," she said.

Pernsky was in BC for two weeks. She said that it was a very active season in BC because of the very dry weather.

This season the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources sent hundreds of MNR personnel to help fight the fires in BC, the Northwest Territories, Alberta and Parks Canada.

Ontario also provided power pumps, values protection units, portable relay tanks and 10,000 thousand lengths of hose to British Columbia.

For more information:
MNR fire crews returning from to Ontario this week
Ontario fire crews help other provinces

Bill Latham seeks election in Dryden
Bill LathamBill Latham is seeking a seat on Dryden City Council.

Bill Latham is running for city council in Dryden. Latham has come out of retirement in order to run in the election.

He explained why he decided to put his name into the hat.

"Well I moved to Dryden about 38 years ago. I was an employee of the City of Dryden for 33 years as the Director of Community Services and Health and Safety Coordinator. I felt after two years of retirement. It's time for me to give something back to the community. With my experience in the municipal world I thought I would be an asset to the community sitting on the other side of the bench," he said.

The deadline for candidates was on Friday. Latham explained what he would like to focus on if elected.

"One of the biggest things is the debt. Being on the outside and not on the inside you can't really get a handle on where it is and what they're doing. That's one of the things that has to be focused on. They haven't had a strategic plan in about six or seven years. That's got to be a priority as far as I am concerned because staff needs direction from council on what vision the community would go," he said.

As for coming onto a council embroiled with debt, Latham said he's not intimidated.

"When I was still there we were struggling with it and tried to get on the right path but we're not quite there yet. It's a challenge but it's something that has to be done. I think people just really want to know where we are and how we're going to get out of it," he said.

Candidates now have a month and a bit to convince voters to check their name in the elections on October 27th.

For more information:
Dryden mayor seeks re-election
City of Dryden - registered candidates

Rickford reacts to Supreme Court's ruling on long-gun registry
rickford - july 2014Kenora MP Greg Rickford happy with Supreme Court of Canada's ruling.

Kenora MP Greg Rickford is happy with a ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court ruled that the effects of the long-gun registry are potentially minimal or non-existent during a challenge to the repeal of the registry.

Rickford spoke about the ruling.

"This is a no-brainer. We've maintained this all along and the steps we're taking moving forward with the common sense changes all reflect in some important way what we've always understood about the long-gun registry and some of the regulations around long guns. So, we're very pleased but not surprised quite frankly by the court's decision," he said.

Rickford said they would continue to make gun safety and training a priority but not to create additional burdens to gun owners. He spoke about what he was focusing on in the ruling.

"Well obviously the court was reviewing a number of key pieces but the single question I was focused on for the purposes of their analysis was whether the long-gun registry made a contribution to crime. There was no link and among other things that's what the court concluded," he said.

The Supreme Court found that 'the effects of the long-gun registry are potentially minimal or non-existent.'

For more information:
Less red tape for gun owners, Rickford
OFAH happy with proposed gun legislation

Rickford looking to support women in the workforce
Rickford July 9Kenora MP Greg Rickford is calling for proposals for Status of Women Canada funding.

Kenora MP Greg Rickford is inviting organizations across Northwestern Ontario to propose projects that will promote the economic success of women. The Government of Canada will be supporting projects selected through the Call for Proposals by Status of Women Canada.

Rickford explains what they're focusing on.

"We're focused on two key areas. Innovative projects that support economic opportunities for women in Canada at the national, regional or community level. Secondly, projects that deal specifically with unique challenges that deal with women in the local labour force and prevent them from contributing fully," he said.

Rickford said he has a particular interest in proposals that will help aboriginal women. He said the Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, Kellie Leitch, had considerable interest in support like this when she met with aboriginal women's groups from Treaty Three.

"Our Government is committed to creating jobs, growth and long-term prosperity for all Canadians. We continue to support new projects that will help expand opportunities for women in communities across Canada because when women succeed, Canada succeeds," said Leitch in a press release.

Rickford spoke more specifically about the proposals they're looking for.

"This would be projects that would take a look at, for example, what particular business opportunities are available in a given community. We've recently in Kenora seen some local business opened up by young women. This could be an opportunity for a round table discussion on what works, what doesn't and what are the challenges," he said.

To government is accepting applications for funding online. The deadline for applications to be submitted for this Call for Proposals is noon (PDT) on October 17, 2014.

For more information:
Status of Women Canada - apply now
Rickford announces $3 million towards Winnipeg River bridge repairs

Second Street Bakery thriving during construction
Second Street BakeyIan Ostenfeldt, Catherine Nutley-Ostenfeldt and a construction worker stand on the patio of Second Street Bakery.

Construction is well underway along the last portion of Second Street. Catherine Nutley-Ostenfeldt owns Second Street Bakery and said so far things have been excellent.

"It's going great. Their progress seems flawless. They're moving right along and as far as our lunch hours and impacting our business I don't feel it's any affect. We have a back access from Park Street so we still have parking. All the construction guys need to eat all day so it's fantastic for us," she said.

Nutley-Ostenfeldt said their sidewalks haven't been affected at all. However, even with the easy transition she's still looking forward to the finished product.

"As far as the street appeal goes, what I've seen on the drawings is a pedestrian cross just outside of our door. That will be really nice. There will be a median in the centre of the road, which is going to make access for pedestrians crossing at the intersection a whole lot easier and convenient for them. It's also safer," she said.

Right now the road is shut down from Mattheson St. to Park St. The city is hoping to open up the section between Mattheson and Chipman by the end of September. The entire project is expected to be finished by mid-November.

For more information:
Moncrief closing Fifth Ave S. intersection tomorrow
Update on Second Street construction

Darryl Skinner seeks seat on Dryden council
Darryl SkinnerDarryl Skinner is running for election in Dryden.

Darryl Skinner may be fairly new to town but he's interested in diving right into the politics.

Skinner is one of ten candidates running for city council in Dryden. He explained why he decided to run.

"I was born and raised in Northern Ontario. My wife and I moved out here and I've just seen the way the city was going and figured with all my experience in running businesses I could help get our city out of debt and maintain an affordable living," he said.

Skinner spoke about what possible cuts or changes he would make if elected.

"I'd have to see what their working for or what their budget is and see if there are any changes there. Definitely try to maintain that affordable living though and make sure we're not raising taxes needlessly," he said.

He believes his experience working as a manager at Walmart will help him if he is elected to council.

"I spent 12 years with Walmart running large volume multi-million dollar stores, one store I ran was a $70 million store. So, pretty comfortable with large budgets and making sure we work within that budget," he said.

Skinner released his platform this week. It includes,

- affordable taxes - (will fight to keep the cost of living low for the people of Dryden)
- city direction for  eliminating debt (utilize my extensive business experience to help Dryden become a debt free community)
- tourism
- maintaining current local business and Bringing new business/industry to the north
- Municipal Police Services (Support a local Police Service)

Experience I will bring to Council-
- Over 22 years experience in Business & Customer service
- Extensive budgeting and expense control  for  multi-million dollar businesses
- Director Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce (2009)
- Director Motion Picture Association (1998-2001)

The deadline was yesterday at 2 o'clock for candidates to hand in their submissions. Six councillors will be elected on October 27th.

For more information:
Dryden mayor seeks re-election
City of Dryden - 2014 candidates

Sasquatch Bush Crawl around the corner
Bush CrawlBush Crawlers throw up their paint bombs before heading off onto the trail around Mt. Evergreen.

It's almost time to get out the running shoes and white clothing. The Sasquatch Bush Crawl is just around the corner on Saturday, September 27th.

One of the organizers Sue McCallum explained what happens on the day of the Bush Crawl.

"Well we get things started at noon you can come and register and pick up your package. Our beer gardens gets kicked off at 1 o'clock. We have a kids obstacle course, we have music playing and then the actual Bush Crawl gets started at 3," she said.

The crawl takes participants around Mount Evergreen and through numerous obstacles including mud bogs and hay bails all people throw paint at you. McCallum explained where the money is going this year.

"This year we've picked another recipient. We still have Mount Evergeeen Ski Hill receiving funds and the Kenora Association for Community Living endowment fund and also the Kenora Sports Plex is our third recipient," she said.

Anyone can register online at or in person today, September 12, and  nxt Friday, September 19, at Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. The cost is $40.00 per adult, $15.00 per youth, 17 and under, or $100 for a family which consists of two adults and two youth.

For more information:
3rd Annual Sasquatch Bush Crawl
Sasquatch Bush Crawl at Mt. Evergreen

Sioux Mountain focusing on students' strengths
Kristin WardSpecial Resources teacher, Kristin Ward stands in front of the board that has the child's photo as well as their strengths listed underneath.

Sioux Mountain is trying a different approach to their teaching this year. Special Resources teacher Kristin Ward explains.

"We've decided to do a strength-based approach for the whole school. So what that means is, we know that all kids have their own strengths and we're just going to focus on that this year. All kids in the school have their pictures on the wall in their classrooms and we're writing all of their strengths around it. That way everyone in the school can see how great all our students are and can use those strengths when we have conversations with the students," she said.

The resource teacher at Sioux Mountain says by building a better atmosphere in the classroom, it makes for better learning.

"We've already seen that we've had meetings and we've talked about strengths first and it makes them feel good about themselves. When a child feels good about themselves they become more engaged in the school. With that engagement we see kids more willing to do their work and willing to learn and it just makes for a great place to be," she said.

The approach also complements the restorative circles, which have been used in classrooms throughout the board, as the board reduces suspensions and expulsions. Ward gave an example of when this would be used.

"In a situation where we know that a student is really caring with his younger brother or sister and is having a problem with a friend we can talk about the great things they do with their sibling at home and how can they transfer that to use those strengths to get along with friends at school," she said.

For more information:
KPDSB focusing on Sioux Mountain for possible building site
KPDSB offers education at Meno Ya Win

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