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Anti-Racism Network holds art contest
flag day - dryden march 21The Dryden Area Anti-Racism Network is holding an art contest.

It's time to get those creative juices flowing. The Dryden Area Anti-Racism Network is holding a poster, essay and video contest.

The competition is in honour of United Nation's World Day of Social Justice and International day for the Elimination of Discrimination. The theme is social justice.

Here are the outlines for the contest.

- Open to children in Grades 1, 2 and 3.
- Draw or paint a picture showing how you could help practice social justice at your school or in your activities.
- Use a variety of mediums to make it stand out.
- Please include name, school and Grade on the back of the poster.

- Open to children in Grades 4, 5 and 6.
- We have many opportunities to practice social justice. Write an essay of no more than 300 words explaining how you have helped practice social justice in your community.
- Please include name, Grade and school on the back of the essay.

- Open to children in Grades 7 and 8.
- A video can clearly show how social justice affects the lives of those around us. Produce a 4 to 6 minute video of how you see social justice at work in your community.
- Please include name, Grade and school with the video.

All submissions are due by noon on Friday, March 13.

For more information:
Dryden Native Friendship Centre
Dryden Native Friendship Centre offering plenty of programs

Dryden food bank looking for donations
Keith GrantKeith Grant says the Dryden Food Bank is looking for donations, in the absence of their annual Easter food drive.

Dryden residents are being asked to consider those less fortunate this Easter. Keith Grant manages the local food bank, and he says their spring food drive isn't going ahead this year.

"This time of the year is difficult. After Christmas donations drop down substantially. This year, we had a bit of a disappointment. For the last number of years, Standard Insurance did a big food drive around Easter. This year they're not able to do it. It takes a lot of manpower, and this year they just didn't have enough manpower," he said.

However, that doesn't mean the food bank is closing its doors. Keith explains how many people the food bank helps.

"Right now, we have approximately 600 clients. That includes close to 350 children. That child would be someone under 18 years of age. Our largest demographic is actually singles, but we have a lot of families as well," he said.

Keith says they get about one-third of their food and finances donated to them during the Christmas season. He added that they have to be careful allocating food because of the lack of donations around this time.

The food bank also runs a hamper program.

"We provide a weekly hamper. We are able to provide milk, eggs, meat -- when we have it -- and cheese and yogurt, when we have it. We try to round out those hampers, so it's not just the soup and beans and that type of thing, but also the high-protein foods,"said Keith.

They are looking for donations of both non-perishable and perishable food items, as well as money.

"A lot of people prefer to donate money to us rather than food. We still welcome the food, but we like to encourage money, because we can get a pretty good bang for our buck," said Keith.

For more information:
Busy year for Dryden food bank
Dryden food bank seeking donations

Dryden OPP warn of identity theft
phone scamOPP caution everyone to never give away personal information over the telephone.

With so many phone scams constantly peppering the town of Dryden, the OPP are reminding everyone to be careful about identity theft.

Every year, thousands of people are fall victim to the crime. Residents are reminded to be careful about sharing personal information or letting it circulate freely even with friends and family.

Your name, date of birth, address, credit card, social insurance number and other personal identification numbers can be used to open credit card and bank accounts, redirect mail, establish cellular phone service, rent vehicles, equipment, or accommodation, and even secure employment.

Police encourage people to ask how your information will be used, why it is needed, who will be sharing it and how it will be safeguarded.

Here are a few other tips.

- Be particularly careful about your SIN; it is an important key to your identity, especially in credit reports and computer databases.

- Don't give your credit card number on the telephone, by electronic mail, or to a voice mailbox, unless you know the person with whom you’re communicating with or you initiated the communication yourself, and you know that the communication channel is secure.

- Notify creditors immediately if your identification or credit cards are lost or stolen.

- Access your credit report from a credit reporting agency once a year to ensure it’s accurate and doesn’t include debts or activities you haven’t authorized or incurred.

- Be careful what you throw out. Burn or shred person financial information such as statements, credit card offers, receipts, insurance forms and insist that businesses you deal with do the same.

- If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of identity theft, report the crime to the Police immediately. Ask for the Police report number so that you can provide proof of the theft to the organizations that you will have to contact later.

- If you suspect that someone has been using your SIN to get a job, or that you’re SIN has been compromised in some other way, contact Service Canada.

- Telecommunications and computer processing make it easier for companies and consumers to reach each other, but they can also scatter your personal information more widely, making life easier for criminals.

- Protect your personal information and don’t become a victim of identity theft.

For more information:
Kenora Hydro warns of phone scam
Another phone scam in Dryden

Weyerhaeuser's cautious recovery continues
weyerhaeuser - march 2015Weyerhaeuser is looking to add skilled trades to their staff, as slow recovery continues in the American housing market. A low Canadian dollar is also helping with export markets.

A low dollar is actually good news for Kenora's Weyerhaeuser mill. Manager Bill Candline says they sell in American dollars south of the border, so the change in currency values makes local products more competitive.

"You know with the U.S. housing market continuing its slow recovery, we're seeing more volume of residential structural products, which is really what this mill was founded on. That product line for us is moving fairly well now," he said.

Still, Candline says they can't be complacent. With a return in markets comes a return in capacity from mills that have been idle over the recession.

Nevertheless, the Kenora operation is looking to hire some more associates in the skilled trades. Those in demand are electricians, millwrights and steam engineers.

"The issue with oil prices -- what's happening in Alberta -- it seems to be freeing up a few people that may want to stay at home. So, we are seeing some of those resumes come our way, which is very encouraging to us," he continued.

For more information:
National Association of Home Builders - Housing starts
NASDAQ - Lumber price
Quarterly Results - Q4

Chef Recovery Jay Barnard speaks in Kenora
Jay BardnardChef Jay Barnard speaks at Seven generations yesterday for the KDSB Employment Outreach.

Job seekers in Kenora had a special presentation this morning. Chef Recovery, Jay Barnard, returned to his hometown to speak about his journey through addiction, recovery and eventually cooking. Barnard said he was very honoured to be asked to speak in Kenora.

"It's actually pretty special for me to speak. I've been doing this for a while now. I got clean on February 11, 2008. It's always been my goal to give back. So, for Kenora, the place that I'm from, to ask me to come back to speak on my story and success, and where I've been, it's emotional," he said.

Barnard was addicted to drugs and alcohol at a very young age. Now he's the executive chef at Keyano College in Ft. McMurray, Alberta.

"Doesn't matter how far you go down you can pull yourself back up. When you truly start loving yourself is when things really start happening for you. It doesn't happen overnight. I mean it took me seven years. I would never had what I have today, if I was still that addict, that alcoholic using the way I was using," he said.

Barnard has had the chance to cook for people like Wayne Gretzky, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and William Shatner.

The KDSB Employment Outreach workshops wrap up with one final job fair tomorrow in Sioux Lookout.

For more information:
KDSB job fair stops in Dryden
KDSB Employment Outreach sessions begin tomorrow

Trust account set up for Baxter family
fire - hwy 601Firefighters responded to Hwy. 601 in Oxdrift last month, where fire destroyed a home.

Friends of the Baxter family in Oxdrift have set up a trust account. Donations will help the elderly couple, who lost all their belongings in a fire last month.

The account has been set up at the RBC - Royal Bank in Dryden.
The Baxter family are accepting donations of warm clothing, winter boots and shoes. They're needed for an elderly couple, who lost everything in a fire over the weekend.

The woman wears a women's medium-sized clothing, along with size 7 shoes. The man wears size XXL clothing, along with size 11 boots.

Brenda Wessel is acting as the contact for donations, and she can be reached on her cell at 216-6805.

Oxdrift firefighters responded to the scene around 7 o'clock Saturday morning, only to find the home had burned to its foundation. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, as the occupants weren't home at the time. No pets were injured, either, and the family is working with insurers on future plans.

Firefighters have not yet determined a cause, but the family would like to thank the Oxdrift firefighters, along with the OPP, for their work. - See more at:
The Baxter family have also been accepting donations of warm clothing, winter boots and shoes.

The woman wears a women's medium-sized clothing, along with size 7 shoes. The man wears size XXL clothing, along with size 11 boots.

Brenda Wessel is acting as the contact for donations, and she can be reached on her cell at 216-6805.

Oxdrift firefighters responded to the scene around 7 o'clock Saturday morning, only to find the home had burned to its foundation. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, as the occupants weren't home at the time. No pets were injured, either, and the family is working with insurers on future plans.

The cause is considered to be related to the utility room in the house.

For more information:
Donations welcome in Dryden

Dryden Native Friendship Centre offering plenty of programs
Dryden Native Friendship CentreThe Dryden Native Friendship Centre is offering plenty of programming as spring approaches.

Maple syrup making, beading and regalia teachings are all on the agenda.

With spring in the air, the Dryden Native Friendship Centre is offering a range of engaging activities.

They're also offering more practical workshops -- such as cooking and job searching -- over the next few weeks.

At their Wabigoon office, they're also offering yoga, along with puzzles and games.

For more information:
Dryden Native Friendship Centre holds candidate meet and greet
Dryden Native Friendship Centre

Fostering network ready to Raise the Woof!
madison - chris 2 mar 4

Comedy fans are getting ready. It's almost time to Raise the Woof in Kenora. For their third-annual show, Chris Madison talks about a special offer.

"Next week, we're having some little tiny puppies come. So, they're three to four weeks. They're barely able to feed on their own. If not, we're having to bottle-feed them," she said.

You can see a photo of the T-shirt at KenoraOnline dot com. The show is set for the end of the month.

For  more information:
It's a Dog's Life

Open house offers reassurance for immersion
ross- misty mar 4Misty Ross and her three-year-old daughter visit the French Immersion open house Tuesday night at New Prospect in Dryden, where there were lots of staff on hand to answer questions.

Dryden-area parents are going over their options. They're considering new options for French immersion. Last night, Misty Ross visited New Prospect with her three year-old daughter to find out more.

"Very reassuring. At three years-old, they don't know a lot of English yet. To start full immersion was a bit concerning, but I'm feeling a little better," she said.

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board is looking to expand their immersion program to Dryden, after launching one at Valleyview in Kenora.

"Biggest concern for me was her capabilities for reading, when she gets into high school. They've reassured me now she's going to be fine. It's going to open up lots of opportunities," Ross said.

An immersion program is already in place in Kenora at Valleyview School. The school board is also looking at an expanded French program for Grade 7 students at Beaver Brae.

For more information:
Keewatin-Patricia District School Board - French Immersion

Harbourfest in the top 100 Ontario festivals
REO pic 2Harbourfest is one of the biggest summer events Kenora has to offer.

Festivals and Events Ontario has chosen Kenora's Harbourfest as one of Ontario's top 100 festivals and events! Entertainment Co-ordinator Dave Blake said being recognized is spectacular.

"To be recognized as one of the top 100 festivals in Ontario is spectacular for us. It provides a benchmark for festivals across Ontario, as you know there are thousands of festivals across Ontario and for Harbourfest to recognized is really kudos to all the directors that put in hundreds of hours, and of course all the volunteers that make Harbourfest possible," he said.

Blake said in order to be recognized festivals must meet certain criteria.

"This actually was sprung upon us. What they do is they send out questionnaires to all the festivals in Ontario, and we fill them out, and then they have people that go out across the province and attend the festivals and come across certain criteria that has to be met. Harbourfest met the criteria and we're just really super stoked that Harbourfest has been recognized" he said.

The list represents the best of the best that the province has to offer. Harbourfest, along with the Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival which also made the list, are considered by Festivals and Events Ontario as musts to visit.

For more information:
Festivals and Events Ontario top 100 list
Harbourfest web page
Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival web page

Hurry and get your carnival buttons
carnival buttonsCarnival buttons are only on sale until this Saturday when the winner will be announced.

There's only four days left to get your carnival buttons.

The buttons are part of the Community Challenge for the Kenora Winter Carnival. This year's charities include It's a Dog's Life, Special Olympics, Women's Place Kenora and Central Community Club.  

Each participating organization will receive 50 per cent of the proceeds of each button. The winner of the community challenge, the group that sells the most buttons, will receive an additional donation and the distinguished title of Winter Carnival 2015 Community Champion.

According to the Winter Carnival website, It's a Dog's Life has sold 2285, Special Olympics has sold 1527, Women's Place Kenora has sold 168 and the Central Community Club has sold 116.

The buttons are $2 each.

For more information:
Kenora Winter Carnival - buttons

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