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Do you think an electronic billboard is a good idea on the harbourfront?

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No, there is a bylaw prohibiting it
No, it's bright and ugly
No, they belong in Las Vegas
No, CP should have to take all the old signs down
Rules are rules...variances are for hypocrites.
Yes, I think it would benefit Kenora
Yes, I enjoy watching people hit head on
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Keep an eye out for Q104 handing out candy in Kenora and Dryden!
Q104 candy mountainThere's a Q104 candy mountain to be handed out tonight to trick or treaters, courtesy Shoppers Drug Mart in Kenora.

Trick or treaters in Kenora and Dryden should keep an eye out for the Q104 vehicles, which will be filled with candy.

Shoppers Drug Mart in Kenora has supplied us with boxes and boxes of goodies to hand out this evening to children.

We'll be in Kenora at the Corner of Valley Drive at west Drewry Drive entrance from 6-7 and then South Park from 7-8.

In Dryden you can catch us along Parkdale off Van Horne from 6 until 8 o'clock.

For more information:
Halloween 2014
Happy Halloween!

Kenora to save $1 million over five years in policing costs
canfield - oct 2014Mayor Dave Canfield explains what's happening with policing costs in Kenora.

Kenora residents will save even more on policing costs over the next five years. Kenora Mayor Dave Canfield explained what's happening for 2015.

"For 2015 it's going to be in the neighbourhood of about $300,000. That is a bonus because if these reforms hadn't come in we'de be looking at probably over a million dollars. That would have been a massive tax increase for the citizens. So this is good news," he said.

CAO Karen Brown says the city has budgeted roughly $6.3 million dollars towards policing costs. For the city, a reduction of 300 thousand dollars in policing costs represents a savings of about one and a half per cent on the property tax bill. Brown added that -- after the phase-in -- the policing costs are expected to drop to about $5.5 million dollars a year.

While it's good news for the city, Canfield said they are a few concerns.

"On the downside, we hoped that this would come immediately but it will be phased over five years. So there's $1 million in savings over the five years approximately, and of course a lot of that is based on your calls for service. It's good news but we're still going to be one of the higher priced municipalities in five years," he said.

Canfield said he'd spend the next four years working on getting the policing costs even lower.

For more information:
Kenora hopes for relief on policing costs
Local mayors look for details on policing costs

Lots of imagination in Grassy Narrows at Halloween this year
haunted - grassy (courtesy levi kokopenace)Grassy Narrows residents are in the Halloween spirit, as they decorated homes for the occasion. (Courtesy Levi Kokopenace)

Organizers of the haunted house decorating contest in Grassy Narrows are impressed. They had a lot of entries, as the community members definitely got into the spirit of the occasion.

Along with the headless anglers and shapeshifters, there were also some ominous aliens. For a quick look at some of the entries, visit the gallery below:


Almost time to turn those clocks back
ClockMost Canadian residents will turn their clocks back tomorrow night before bed.

Just a reminder to turn those clocks back before you go to bed tomorrow night.

Daylight saving time ends early Sunday morning. The clocks will officially go back an hour at 2 in the morning.

This means many Canadians will be catching up on some long lost sleep.

For more information:
Clocks fall back this weekend
Don't forget clocks go forward Saturday

Mystery solved at the LOW Museum
Museum mysteryJulia Benson, left and Emma Manzie, right, test their sleuthing skills at the museum last night.

People were trapped in the dark last night at the Lake of the Woods Museum. That's because it was the Halloween Mystery Night. Participants had to use flashlights to find clues to solve the case. 11-year-old Emma Manzie spoke about the mysteries they had to solve.

"Our first one was about the mysteries of the burning buildings in Kenora. For our second mystery we're doing the mystery of the missing map. So, we're just following the clues to find the map pieces," she said.

Manzie worked with her friend Julia Benson. They both agreed they had a great time.

"I think it's really fun and it's a great way to get to know the museum a bit more and all the cases cause you have to go look for them," said Benson.

"I think it's a great way to learn more about Kenora too and it's history," said Manzie

All the mysteries incorporated local history or folklore. There were participants from age 5 to 75 and most were in costume. At the end everyone was given some Halloween punch and a treat.

For more information:
Museum hosts Halloween Mystery Night
"Murder" at the Museum

Kenora hospital prepares for Ebola
balcaen - markHospital CEO Mark Balcaen, talks about the hospital's plan should a patient come in with Ebola-like symptoms.

The Lake of the Woods Hospital is preparing for the worst. They're getting ready to safely deal with any person who presents Ebola like symptoms. Hospital CEO Mark Balcaen explains what that means.

"We're reviewing out current policies and procedures that deal with infectious diseases to ensure that they are in compliance with the Ministery's. We're also doing training for our staff to make sure they're familiar with how to properly screen patients that might have Ebola, how to properly care for them and how to protect themselves," he said.

The Ontario Ministry of Health has told all Ontario hospitals to be prepared just in case someone comes in with Ebola. So, the hospital has established an Ebola Incident Management Team who meet daily and review training and emergency plans.

Balcaen explains why Ebola is something to be taken seriously but not feared.

"Ebola can be a deadly disease and so that always frightens people. At the same time, the Ebola virus itself can be easily treated and contained if you take proper precautions. That's our role and responsibility. To ensure our staff know what to do, are trained and are comfortable in doing it," he said.

Staff have been trained in everything including, nursing care, protective equipment, cleaning and decontamination and transportation of a patient.

"They're ongoing sessions because there is little changes to the advice that we've been receiving, for example, on how to properly don and take off personal protective equipment. As changes come in we relate those to the key staff," he said.

The training is purely precautionary at this point and no one in Kenora has yet come into the hospital with Ebola-like symptoms.

For more information:
Lake of the Woods Hospital talks choosing wisely
Kenora's hospital given more money for treating cancer

Happy Halloween!
Milah and ScanlonMilah Arsenault and Scanlon Wiebe spoke about what they're being for Halloween.

The Streets of the Northwest will be taken over by zombies, princesses, superheros and animals tonight. That's because Halloween has finally arrived. We asked the children at Ecole Ste. Marguerite Bourgeoys what they were going to be this Halloween. Elizabeth Favreau has a unique costume.

"A blue crayon," she said.

Favreau said she hopes to get lots of Mars bars in her loot bag tonight. 9-year-old Samantha Spencer spoke about what she's going to be for All Hallow's Eve.

"A zombie cheerleader because the outfit was really cute with the purple and white," she said.

Scanlon Wiebe says he's not quite sure what he's going to be for Halloween.

"My mom's thinking of a ninja or something else," he said.

8-year-old Seth Marquis was also on the fence about what he's going to dress up as.

"I think I might be a zombie because it's green and I like the colour green," he said.

Milah Arsenault is going as a zombie bride. When asked what the best part of Halloween is, Milah had an unusual answer.

"We always get to bring my dog," she said.

However, almost every other child said the best part was definitely the candy.

Everyone is also invited to the Kenora Community Policing Committee 4th Annual Halloween BBQ. It'll take place tonight at the Central Community Club from 4:30-6. $5 gets you a hot dog or hamburger, chips and a drink.

For more information:
Halloween 2014
OPP release tips for Halloween trick or treaters

Norm Bush talks new Dryden council
Norm BushNorm Bush has been elected to council in Dryden.

Former mill manager Norm Bush is glad it's over. He became a part of the political process in Dryden last year, when he lobbied city hall for more fiscal responsibility. To his credit, he then added his name to the ballot for the fall election.

"Well after several weeks of campaigning and doing all the things that you do to put yourself out in the public it's a sense of relief that the process is over. It's a very good feeling to be elected," he said.

As he gets ready for his first meeting at city hall, Bush says he hasn't forgotten about the financial pressures facing the city.

"The three things that I think need to be attended to right away is to understand our debt situation and make sure we have good plans in place to lower our debt. We also need some reserve funds for a rainy day. Beyond that look at what we can do to protect and respect the tax-payer by developing a budget that's going to give us a zero per cent tax increase for 2015," he said.

He adds that he's looking forward to being part of the political process.

"I'm really please with the council that's been elected here in Dryden. It was great that so many people stepped up to the plate and put their names forward for the six council seats. The people that got elected I'm very much looking forward to. I think we'll have a council that is very proficient in what we have to do and is going to make a good team," he said.  

Bush is also a spokesman for Treasury Metals. They're getting ready to begin construction on the Goliath gold mine near Dryden.

For more information:
Norm Bush looks for seat on council in Dryden
Nuttall re-elected in Dryden

Fire at Hing's Block in downtown Kenora
hing's oct 31Firefighters from all four stations respond to Hing's Block late Thursday, after smoke was reported.

Firefighters responded to a four-station alarm at the Hing's Block in downtown Kenora Thursday night. Fire chief Warren Brinkman says they got the call at 10:14 p.m., and they saw smoke inside.

However, Brinkman said it was the water that caused them real problems. It was getting into the electrical system, forcing the fire department to close the building to tenants.

As a result, five people got set up with hotel rooms for the night, as police worked with the fire department on locating the source and the cause of the original smoke, not to mention the excess water.

No injuries were reported, and there was no estimate of damage, as the investigation lingered into the early hours of Friday morning. Given the size of the building, roughly 25 firefighters from four stations reported to the scene. They were joined by police and ambulance, as they filled the intersection at First and Matheson.

With the end of daylight saving time this weekend, firefighters are reminding residents to change the batteries in their smoke detectors, and to make sure alarms are in working order.



For more information:
Kenora Fire and Emergency Services
Firefighters offer help with smoke alarms

OPP release tips for Halloween trick or treaters
Halloween childSix-year-old Hunter pretends to be a scary black cat.

There's just one big sleep for kids until Hallowee. The Kenora OPP are reminding everyone to have fun and be safe.

Here are some simple safety tips for parents and children.

For children:
- Wear bright coloured Halloween costumes, preferably with reflective material to be extra visible.
- Carry a flashlight.
- Trick or treat with friends or in a group, never alone.
- Advise parents of your route
- Never go inside a house or car to get your treat.

For parents:
- Accompany all young children.
- Review safety rules with children.
- Establish a curfew for older children.
- Prepare homes for trick or treaters by clearing porches, lawns and sidewalks clear of obstructions.

For drivers:
- Drivers are urged to drive with extra patience and caution.
- Reduce your speed in residential neighbourhoods.
- Watch for children crossing the street.
- Do not become distracted.

For more information:
Museum hosts Halloween Mystery Night
Kenora Recreation Centre gets ready for Halloween

Wasacase talks return to city council
Colin Wasacase debateColin Wasacase has returned to city council.

After a successful battle with cancer, Colin Wasacase, has returned to city council. Wasacase was voted in alongside incumbents, Rory MacMillan, Sharon Smith and Louis Roussin and newcomers, Dan Reynard and Mort Goss. He spoke about the new council.

"A new council completely with some old folks like myself. But we are the wisdom keepers," he said.

The councillors will now have a month off before returning to the chambers for a welcome meeting on Monday, December . They'll get down to business with the first Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday December 9 and the first council meeting on Tuesday, December 16.  

Wasacase spoke about what he thinks they need to focus on as soon as their back in session.

"I think we have to take a look at how we're going to do the economics, as well as supporting small industry and small businesses. Also we have to take a look at what the future is for the forest industry. We have Kenora Forest Products which is struggling to get started," he said.  

The new council will also have a lot to think about when ti comes to housing. Most councillors were in attendance at the talk by homelessness expert Iain De Jong. De Jong said now it's up to the city on where they go from here.

For more information:
Wasacase seeks new mandate on council
Kenora candidates talk homeless strategies

Science North visits Kenora Schools
Science north firstChildren in Marilyn Duffield's class figure out how to connect their circuit. (Courtesy Marilyn Duffield)

Children across Kenora had fun learning about science last week.

Thunder Bay's Science North traveled to the community to speak at King George and Ecole Ste. Marguerite Bourgeoys.

At King George Marilyn Duffield's Grade 6 class focused on electricity and building circuits.  They had to create single and parallel circuits to operate a light, a speaker, a switch, and a fan and then altogether.

Duffield said the students were excited and completely engaged in all the activities.

Science north second

science north third

For more information:
Rickford visits Science North Summer Camps
Science North camps a hit with children

Government looks at public sector salary caps
OLG casinoThe Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is one of the public sector companies that could be affected by Bill 8. (Courtesy OLG)

Ontario's Liberal government is taking a look at executive salary caps. The proposed Bill 8, Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act, begins second reading debate today.

The Liberal's claim it would take a look long-term look at capping salaries for executives in the public sector. They would also like to include companies in the broader public sector such as Ornge, LHINs, eHealth, Metrolinx, OLG and LCBO.

They say it would provide clarity and consistency across the public sector by authorizing the collection of compensation information and creating sector-specific frameworks, including hard caps. The Liberals say they want to become, "the most open and transparent government in the country."

However, the bill is met with criticism from both the NDP and Conservatives.

The NDP agree that Ontarians should not have to pay high salaries or extravagant severance packages, like the $406,000 for a former eHealth Ontario CEO and $9.3 million over six years for former Ornge CEO Chris Mazza. However, they say there are no actual numbers in Bill 8 and that's troubling.

"The Liberals should stop saying it will provide hard caps for Executive Compensation in the broader public sector when there are no hard caps in Bill 8. Saying there will be sometime years from now isn’t a hard cap.  A hard cap is $418,000 that Andrea Horwath and the NDP proposed in our legislation four years ago," said the NDP's Finance and Treasury Board critic, Catherine Fife, in a press statement.

"As it stands, Bill 8 doesn't set hard caps and the government should stop trying to convince Ontarians that it does," she finished.

Conservatives argue that the bill is pure hypocrisy. They say the Liberals refuse to talk about issues such as the gas plant scandal, the embattled MaRS agency and the Pan Am Games, but claim to be a transparent government through this bill.

For more information:
Ontario government responds to OCHU study
Final week of hearings for AFN human rights case against federal government

It's a Dog's Life needs new homes
It's a Dog's LifeGeorgie is one of the dogs in foster care looking for a forever home.

It's a Dog's Life is looking for your help. They're in a desperate situation right now. President Chris Madison explains.

"We don't have the foster homes we need for the dogs that are in care. With winter coming, it's going to get worse. In the summer, if you see a dog running around you tend to think, 'oh well.' When it's 40 below, more dogs are brought in. Right now, we have four dogs, and one I need to find a place for by Friday," she said.

Madison said many of the usual foster homes have adopted the dogs that were in their care. This means they have no more room.

Madison spoke about the process of becoming a foster home.

"Well, the first step for them would be to fill out an application online at our website. That gives us an idea of their situation and an idea of what dog would be a good fit for them. If we find a good fit, then we provide everything. The food, the leash, the collar, the kennel, everything..." she said.

Madison encourages anyone interested to fill out an application online. She explains why it can be difficult to find the right fit.

"It's tough, because some of the dogs maybe have special needs. We have one, who has separation issues, so we need a family familiar with those issues. We have another dog who has vision issues, and because of that he's afraid of other dogs. So, it's finding those special homes that can be tough," she said.

Unfortunately, Madison only expects the situation to get worse from here on, with the cold weather fast approaching.

For more information:
Keep control of pet dogs, Madison
It's a Dog's Life rocks Lakeshore

'This is really powerful,' says new councillor
Joyce TimpsonJoyce Timpson, pictured, and Yolaine Kirlew speak about Sioux Lookout's new council.

With official election results in, councillors are preparing to return to the chambers. In Sioux Lookout there will only be two new faces at the table.

Yolaine Kirlew spoke about how she felt being the only person new to council.

"That is really powerful. To me it says that we have a very smart electorate and a very plugged in electorate. They are aware of what their needs are, and they wanted to see change, but a very gradual change," she said.

As for what she can bring to council, Kirlew said it is her people skills that will help her the most.

"I consider myself glue. With my background -- working as conflict resolution practitioner -- I really, really, see that there is always room for better ways to communicate, better ways to connect and better ways to reach out to our voters. There is also a better way to be more effective and efficient in how we do that communication," she said.

Kirlew was elected alongside incumbents, Cal Southall, Joyce Timpson, John Bath and Steven Forbes. The other newcomer will be mayor Doug Lawrance.

Timpson spoke about what she thinks of the new council.

"I think it's good to balance experience with new ideas. It's good to have rotation in any board or council to bring in new ideas. You can get stuck in a rut without some change," she said.

Timpson said moving forward their biggest focus will need to be housing. She said during the election it became very clear that is the biggest concern for residents.

For more information:
New mayor for Sioux Lookout
Sioux Lookout council results

Plenty to think about at homeless forum in Kenora
Homelessness group shotEveryone listens intently to a presentation from homelessness expert Iain De Jong on Tuesday night.

Kenora has plenty to think about after a presentation from homelessness expert Iain De Jong. He presented some pretty radical ideas for ending homelessness.

Nan Normand is one of the co-chairs of the Housing Pillar for the city's task force on homelessness, and she's a founding member of Making Kenora Home, the community's advocacy group for affordable housing. She spoke about his presentation.

"It was amazing. Anybody who wasn't here missed a revelation. We went for the best and we got him. We will incorporate those who weren't able to come, into the community measurement tool, but it was an experience, and anyone who missed it, missed out," she said.

Newly-elected councillor and Fellowship Centre chairman, Colin Wasacase, also attended the presentation. He spoke about what he took from De Jong's system.

"It was a new approach to doing things. It was more about taking a look at the person, who's struggling with many activities in their life that keeps them from moving forward. I think that it's good to take a new look at things, and he has experience with that and working with different communities," he said.

De Jong did not shy away from telling the Fellowship board that transitional housing is a waste of money, with only a 42 per cent success rate. He argues the only thing that solves homelessness is putting people in homes. Not charity, not social assistance programs or even transitional housing. While his opinion is radical, he has the success rates to prove it.

Normand spoke about where they go from here.

"For so long, and so much money has been put out, reproducing the same findings. We have to move to the creation of housing that is affordable and adequate for the people, who live in our communities. There is a housing and homelessness plan. Let's move forward, not consult it to death. It's time for action," she said.

Normand said they've heard from the public that what they're doing right now isn't working. So, while completely changing the system may be shocking to the organizations, she expects a lot of support.

Many organizations were represented at the presentation, as well as the meeting the next morning. The presentation by De Jong has got them all seriously taking a look at the way they run themselves, as well as reaching out to other partners.

While it won't happen right away, Normand said if they follow De Jong's system, they hope to end homelessness in the next four years.

For more information:
De Jong tries to reshape the way Kenora approaches homelessness
Fellowship Centre offers transitional housing

Kenora firefighters train for collision extrication
Kenora Fire practiceFirefighters pay close attention during training on Monday. (Courtesy Kyle Sitar)

The Kenora Fire and Emergency Services spent four hours training on Monday.

Firefighters were learning new techniques for getting people trapped in vehicles after a collision out safely. This includes getting up to date on the latest materials, as well as making sure they don't trigger air bags by mistake.

While cars are always changing, so too are the techniques for getting people out. Kenora was training just a few days after the Dryden Fire Service completed similar training.

With Hwy. 17 nearby, both Kenora and Dryden Fire Services spend much of their time dealing with collisions. Yesterday, there was a 10-car pile-up in Thunder Bay.

For more information:
Dryden Fire Service practices rescuing people trapped in vehicles
Kenora firefighters battle bush fire

Four face drug trafficking charges in Sioux Lookout
CRUISER REAR NIGHTFour people are facing drug trafficking charges in Sioux Lookout.

Sioux Lookout OPP have charged four people with drug-trafficking related offenses. Yesterday, police executed a search warrant on a residence in Sioux Lookout and found a quantity of cocaine, pills and a large amount of Canadian currency.

According to OPP, as a result of the investigation Dorothy Oombash, 33, of New Saugeen has been charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime and Breach of Probation. Vanessa Roulette, 34, of Winnipeg and Jason Wilson, 43, of Sioux Lookout have been charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime. 

Finally, Jeremy Stranger, 19, has been charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Possession of Property obtained by Crime and Fail to Comply with a Court Order.

For more information:
OPP remind seasonal residents to lock up for winter
OPP speaking out against distracted driving

Museum hosts Halloween Mystery Night
RiddellLynn Halley spoke about the Lake of the Woods Museum's Mystery Night taking place tomorrow.

There's something spooky going on at the Lake of the Woods Museum tomorrow night. They're hosting a Halloween Mystery Night. Lynn Halley explains what the night is all about.

"On Thursday from 5:30-7:30, the museum is hosting a Halloween Mystery Night. No matter what your age you're going to enjoy the local, but fictional, mysteries that we've designed to challenge our guests sleuthing skills," she said.

All of the mysteries will be fictional but based around Kenora folklore. There's also an added twist to having to solve all the mysteries. Halley explains.

"Bring your flashlight because we're turning all the lights out in the museum. Then we're going to have you try and solve the local mysteries in the darkened museum. Once you've solved the mysteries we'll have treats for everybody and a little bit of Halloween punch," she said.

Admission is $4 unless you wear a costume in which case it's $2.

For more information:
Museum hosts second annual scavenger hunt
LOW Museum showing Hells Angels tonight

Get your flu shot at free swim on Monday
price_-_rheanna.jpgVisitors to the rec centre in Kenora can get a flu shot, as well as a free swim on Monday.

Swimmers can also get a free flu shot. The health unit is sponsoring a free swim next week in Kenora. They're also providing flu shots at the same time.

The Northwestern Health Unit has been promoting a healthier lifestyle through their Do One Thing campaign, as part of their mandate to improve publich health.

The free swim and flu shot clinic will be at the rec centre in Kenora on Monday, Nov. 3, between 4:30 and 8:30 in the evening.

For more information:
Northwestern Health Unit - Do One Thing

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